Standardized Testing

Standardized Testing-test prep, ACT/SAT
1. What tests are required when applying to colleges? Most schools require either the ACT (American College Testing) or SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). If a student takes both, then some schools may want to see the scores from all the times that the student took the tests.
2. Do I need to take the SAT subject tests? You have to check the admissions page of the schools to which you are applying to see if these tests are required. The best time to take these exams would be in June of sophomore and junior year, after you’ve taken such courses. That way, if you decide to apply to a school the summer after Junior year which requires them, you’ve already taken them.
3. When should I take these tests? The ACT and SAT should be taken in the Junior year, for the first time. The SAT Subject tests should be taken in June of the Junior year after you have taken the course.
4. What is the PSAT? The PSAT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test) is usually taken by Juniors in October of Junior year and some schools also require sophomores to take it. The Junior year PSAT scores are important because National Merit Scholarships are based upon them.
5. How do I prepare for these tests? Your high school may offer prep courses or you can take courses through various companies. It’s best to take a prep course during fall of junior year, especially prior to taking the PSAT.
6. Is there a fee to take these exams? Yes, the ACT and SAT have fees. The PSAT does not. If you are on Free Lunch, you are eligible for fee waivers to pay for the exams. Speak to your guidance counselor